Massage Etiquettes & Tips for Enjoying your First Massage at Spa505

Massage Etiquettes & Tips for Enjoying your First Massage at Spa505

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a massage, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get on that massage table. A masseuse is a trained professional, who provides amazing services geared to make your body and mind relaxed. A great massage will relieve you of all your stress and worries, leaving you fresh and active throughout the day and the days to come. It is understandable for a person to be reluctant or timid before getting their first massage. At Spa505, we do our best to build a relationship of cooperation and respect between our clients. Spa505’s team of excellent masseuses provide the highest quality experience for our clients. For starters, here are some common etiquette and tips that should be followed by a person who is planning to have their first massage at Spa505.

  1. Showering before a Massage is a Good Idea.

It is a very respectful move on your part to take a shower before you go for a massage. A rather

simple gesture of cleaning yourself up goes a long way so that a professional masseuse does not

have to go through any disruption when providing their service. Furthermore, it is advised that

you do not eat anything that is heavy that may cause a stomachache or uncontrollable gas, that

way you will both be more comfortable during your massage.

2. Undress to Your Comfort Zone.

It is not necessary that you undress yourself completely, and you should do it to your comfort level.

Masseuses will give you full privacy by leaving you alone in order to get undressed and lay on

the table under the sheet. It is completely up to you how undressed you get, just make sure you

are comfortable.

3. Be Honest and Respectful

If you describe to your therapist exactly what you require of them, they will attend to your needs.

It's their job to help you achieve that level of relaxation where you leave all your worries behind

and enjoy a great massage. Be respectful towards your therapist and their profession. Therefore,

do not ask them for any inappropriate needs or harass them.

4. Show Your Generosity

After having a great massage leave your therapist a good tip, as they work hard for your comfort and ease. It also makes your bond stronger with your therapist leading to a more intimate and relaxing

experience as your meetings progress.

Spa505 provides you with the best services in New York. With three active branches in Massapequa, Long Island and the Palisades Mall, Spa505 has the most professional therapists in the profession, those of which whom will tend to your every need and giving you an experience you could only dream of.