Holiday Stress? We can help!

During the holidays, many of us focus on buying gifts for our loved ones, selflessness and making our friends and family’s holiday wishes come true. Exhaustion can heavily set in during this period, since everything becomes last minute and is often backed up by all the stress that comes with trying to make sure that all your plans go smoothly.

For hundreds of years, humans have spent the winter time for rest as it’s the time when our bodies yearn the most for this, but our hyper speed culture directs us toward activities constantly and rarely allows for relaxation and rest. The American Psychological Association conducted a study in 2006 where the results showed that 61 % of Americans experience stress during holidays. We think this may even be a little low :)

In addition to that, shopping for and preparing gifts for friends and family is tiring and stressful. The best way to relieve this stress is having a massage and some ‘you’ time. While it is important that we give back and care for others during all seasons, we believe it is important that you take care of yourself as well. That’s why our packages during this holiday are best served to help you take care of your health and relieve yourself of that bothersome stress and restlessness.

Let Spa505 take care of you and start your day on a fresher and healthier note! Book a session with us today and see how we can help you face the coming holidays more relaxed this year.